Resources for Loss

"I Have No Choice But To Keep Looking" by Jennifer Percy, contributed by Andrew Wang (2021)

This article in the New York Times Magazine describes how family members coped with losing their loved ones in the 2011 tsunami in Japan. At the time of writing, the bodies of the deceased had not been found, and several of the family members learned to dive in order to search for their loved ones in the sea. The last line is especially moving: "The search for love, the search — his, hers, everyone’s — is not for a needle in a haystack, nor a fish in the sea. It’s for a specific person on earth. The world never looks as big as when someone is lost." This would fall under the category of ambiguous loss and shows one way of finding meaning from such a loss. Although the chance of actually finding the bodies is miniscule, the act of searching provides the divers with a profound sense of connection to their lost family members.

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