Resources for Loss

"Portrait" (2019) and "empty words inspire" (2021), by and contributed by Mai Kim Nguyen (2021)

I wrote "empty words inspire" after painting Portrait, to capture the feelings I felt leading up to finally starting this painting. My progression, from painting, to poem, and still onto other forms lets me know that grieving, like creating art, is not necessarily a linear process. For example, I wrote this poem in January 2021, and now I'm not sure that I really do want to say "goodbye". It comforts me to read my poem and see that my canvas is no longer empty.

Portrait (2019)

empty words inspire (2021)
I said I would paint you a painting. 
But in truth, I never said anything. 

I thought, think, I will paint you a painting. 
I thought, think, on what I will paint
sunset         balloon       
your portrait to portray my "goodbye" 

Empty words comfort empty canvas. 
bye now

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