Resources for Loss

"Everglow" by Coldplay, contributed by Matthew Walsh (2021)

My submission is the single version of Coldplay's song "Everglow". In acknowledging loss, it is always good to not only acknowledge that you have lost, but to also remember the person, as this song does quite well. Its piano-led accompaniment and a tasteful guitar solo both contribute to the tune's mellow yet optimistic tone. Chris Martin shared in an interview that the word "Everglow" (and the song as a whole) is meant to describe that even in the sadness of losing somebody, they leave behind this feeling of warmth, happiness, or even gratitude. "Everglow" is not a dictionary word, so in some sense the word describes a feeling that cannot be understood or defined, but can be truly felt in loss. 

Lyrics to the song are available here; the lyric video can be viewed here

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