Resources for Loss

"Lost Action" by Kidd Pivot, contributed by Abigail Alter (2019)

Kidd Pivot is a Canadian dance company founded by Crystal Pite, a dancer and choreographer who danced in William Forsythe's company for many years. Pite's work tends to be quite athletic and emotionally rich, though very little video footage is accessible online (I highly recommend trying to see Kidd Pivot or any of Pite's works on other companies live if you can!). The first thing that came to my mind when you mentioned we would be collecting resources for this course was a collaboration between Pite and Jonathon Young, Betroffenheit, which with quite heart-wrenching intensity examines and portrays the grief process. Although I was able to watch the full video of Betroffenheit last fall for a repertoire course in TDM, I can no longer access the video and thought Lost Action connected more smoothly to the themes of our course. A brief trailer is below. More information can be found on Kidd Pivot's official page for the work, and some reviews give a little context on the work as a whole and the themes that emerge.

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