Resources for Loss

"One More Light" by Linkin Park, contributed by Birukti Tsige (2021)

In 2015, Mike Shinoda, one of the band members of Linkin Park, wrote this heartwrenching song after the death of his friend. The band chose the song as their single after their friend and lead singer of the band, Chester Bennington, committed suicide in 2017. I try not to listen to it too many times and only on certain occasions, because I start crying uncontrollably when I do, but it's a gem of art. It tackles the loss and grief of losing a person who might not mean much in the big scheme of things but whose loss is still a gut punch. To me, it's a song that comforts, one that says, even if there are billions of other people, that someone in this world cares about what happens to an individual. 

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