Resources for Loss

"For Now" by Kina Grannis, contributed by Joseph Wornom (2021)

I have selected the song “For Now” by Kina Grannis for the acknowledgement of loss. The song details the path of accepting death, both in a very personal and abstract sense. The chorus encompasses this sentiment perfectly: 

"Maybe it’s enough that I have laid here
Maybe it’s enough that I have known inside my head, and
Maybe it’s enough to know that we were here together
And that … We are the ones for now”

When loss brings you to your knees, it is so easy to focus only on all that was lost, what was taken from your loved one and the pain they were forced to endure. In times like these it of profound use to redirect this pain as gratitude for the time you were together. Perhaps despite the immense pain, you can then find that that was enough. This song is a gentle affirmation of life in the midst of the worst grief, while also reminding you of those who you are still together with, to make the most of what you are given. 

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