Resources for Loss

"Dear Nana II" by Michaela Angemeer, contributed by Kiera Fetter (2023)

dear nana II

today i opened the box of your jewelry
somehow the inside still smells like
chanel number five
it is more than a scent
it is a memory of hugs and kisses on cheeks
endless laughter and spanish that danced in my ears
made me yearn for paella and
the warmth of your backyard swimming pool
i never did ask
why you loved elephants so much
but a long gray trunk still brings a smile
now sometimes a tear
i never did ask
how you loved our family so much
with all of its twisted branches
occasional thorns
you were always the reddest rose
it was the heaviest thing to watch your petals fall
as i write this my tears can’t help but pour
because the holidays are so much harder
when you’re not here

This is a poem from a book titled please love me at my worst by Michaela Angemeer and is an insight into the feelings of regret after losing someone, specifically a grandmother. Although these regrets may be small, it is common to feel that there is more you should have done. This is a powerful expression of these emotions and teaches people that they are not alone in their grief or regret and that these are universal experiences. My friend gave me this book when I was going through a hard time and, now that he is gone, I am comforted by Michaela’s words and feel less alone.

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