Resources for Loss

"Hear You Me" by Jimmy Eat World, contributed by Emily Song (2021)

The song “Hear You Me” is by Jimmy Eat World and was released in 2001. This song is so incredibly powerful and moving, as it expresses many different emotions and stages of grief at the same time. The lines “I thought I might get one more chance...I never said thank you for that” is a reflection of guilt and sentiment, as the singer wishes he had been more outwardly grateful for the person he lost. Furthermore, the lines “a song for a heart so big” and “so lucky, so strong, so proud” are elements of remembrance, as the singer is recalling all of the positive traits of the deceased. The song also incorporates acceptance, as the repetition of “may angels lead you in” demonstrates that the singer understands that the loss occurred, now hoping that his loved one passes peacefully. The song utilizes both acoustic guitar and percussion to generate a somber yet nostalgic mood, as the tempo is rather slow and the notes are rather mellow. Finally, the singer’s voice is perceivably pained and filled with sorrow, reflecting the emotion harnessed within the lyrics, meaning, and melody. Overall, this song illustrates both the intense grief and ultimate acceptance of a loss, using a universal form of expression (music) to provide comfort for a universal human experience (loss).

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