Resources for Loss

"i love you" by Billie Eilish with choreography by Galen Hooks, contributed by Mikayla Morosky (2019)

My submission is a piece of choreography by Galen Hooks, LA-based dancer and choreographer, to "i love you" by recording artist Billie Eilish. In loss and through the grieving process, there is sometimes a need to just feel, and not think, as you brought up in the beginning of class Wednesday. Where can one go to only feel and not think? Or rather, what can one do to only feel and not think? As a dancer myself, I can say that movement, through dance, is an outlet for that. This choreography is about the loss of a relationship with a beloved person, and it exemplifies the very notion of feeling without thinking. The dancers in the video portray all of the heightened emotions that come with loss through their facial expressions and their physical movement. I thought it was really beautiful how, in conjunction with this song, these artists were able to just feel with their whole body-one can see in the video that there really is no energy left to think. The ability to just feel in loss is so important, especially when going through the first stages.

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