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An Aria from "La Traviata" by G. Verdi, contributed by Barbara Hou (2023)

This aria is from "La Traviata," an opera about a tragic love story between a courtesan, Violetta, and a nobleman, Alfredo. This forbidden love was discovered by Alfredo’s father, Giorgio, who forces Violetta to leave Alfredo without telling him the truth. Violetta sings this heartbreaking aria in the third act, after she receives a letter from Alfredo's father stating that Alfredo has discovered the truth of her departure, and they will be coming over together to ask for her forgiveness. However, Violetta was diagnosed with late-stage tuberculosis, and she knows she will pass soon. This aria is dedicated as a farewell to her happiness and future with Alfredo. Arias like this often resonate deeply with audiences, offering a form of catharsis and emotional release by providing a space for listeners to connect with the singer’s emotions.

The aria in the recording starts at 1:07.

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