Students in Service and Leadership at Harvard

Louis Zou

Our resilience and dedication have really shined through over the past four weeks. Although we are lucky in that our club can excel even remotely, with the difficulties and distractions that have come with COVID-19.

There’s not one story or person to highlight, but rather our ability to come together and still deliver pitches has been amazing. We’ve been able to smooth out our transition and move the fund forward as normal. In the face of disruption, we’ve made the conscious choice to be the stable rock for our members and looked to be as transparent as possible with the operations. We wanted to be consistent with our weekly meetings, conveying our intent and understanding that skill development is a long-term process. In some ways, our story is not as plot-driven as others; we didn’t have to make massive changes nor make club-changing decisions. We were lucky.

At the same time, however, we had to be quick and transparent to ensure our partners still felt community and inclusivity. Moving forward, community is something we still want to emphasize, as that will help drive pitch volume and content. Our board is ready to step in and put in the extra commitment, demonstrating what we can do even in the face of a crisis. We learned a lot — there’s tons of benefits with acting quickly, seeing the traditions we can keep, and making sure to listen to our members’ advice. Moving forward, we want to continue emphasizing the community to push our fund forward.


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