Students in Service and Leadership at Harvard

Allison Lee

The story of The Harvard Crimson does not stop during COVID-19. In its history, The Crimson has not stopped printing for wars and has not stopped now even with the shift to online. Leaders of The Harvard Crimson decided to continue producing an online version of the paper. Continuing journalism is important during this time because it is important to continue to connect people all around the world through stories. As Multimedia Chair, my co-chair and I decided to meet individually with almost all the other board chairs as well as our Multimedia Exec team to coordinate workflow, content and ideas moving forward. My co-chair and I discussed extensively about how Multimedia would operate during this time because a majority of our work includes taking pictures of events, speakers, sports games, and concerts on campus. A couple of project ideas that are still ongoing include "Postcards From Home" as well as individually photographing our community, which has been successful. Looking back at these four weeks, I would highlight the creativity, the resilience and determination of the Multimedia team. I have learned that although it is hard for multimedia to operate during this time, it is certainly still possible.

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