Students in Service and Leadership at Harvard

Anna Wang

The past four weeks has been a period of change for the Harvard Computer Society. Fragmented into different teams among our board and without a common direction to head in, the club had largely consisted of its mailing list and one-off community events over the past year. However, with the current crisis and the onslaught of cancelled summer internships, I recently put together a database of summer projects to encourage students in the CS community to work together on individual projects in lieu of cancelled summer internships. This peaked another board member's interest, and we've gotten together and are working on working on a summer incubation program for HCS to encourage these projects to happen.  It's taken a lot of determination to get the ball rolling, but now a month into quarantine, I'm in 4-5 HCS meetings a week, have proposed another initiative for extending initiative opportunities to our club members, and  started a biweekly community matching program. Despite the tragedies that are happening now, this time will have a long-lasting effect on bringing together our organization. 

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