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Story of Us

Mission Statement

"Dorm Crew is a student employment and leadership program that is entirely managed and operated by Harvard undergraduates. Through our employment opportunities, mentoring resources, and leadership development program, Dorm Crew advances Harvard College’s vision for a welcoming, supportive, and diverse community that cultivates rewarding and transformative student experiences while delivering valuable services to the University community in a sustainable way."

What is Dorm Crew?

Founded in 1951, Dorm Crew is a student employment and leadership program for undergraduates. Dorm Crew offers employment opportunities, leadership development, and mentoring resources to more than 800 students annually. During the term-time, Dorm Crew members are hired to clean the suite bathrooms of on-campus dorms. 


What Dorm Crew members say about their experience:

"Dorm Crew has not only provided me with a well pay job, but more importantly with a close-knit, supportive community of down to earth individuals with diverse backgrounds, interests and passions.”

“I originally joined when I heard the financial aspect of it, but I’ve found an amazing community of people in Dorm Crew! I met so many different kinds of people and grew close with them after clean-ups. I’m so happy I decided to do FCU my freshman year so I could be introduced to this organization!”

“Dorm Crew has strongly altered my perception of Harvard because I met humble, hard-working, incredibly nice people whom I never would have met if not for this experience. I think it greatly broadened my Harvard experience and I would not have enjoyed this school as much without it."

“I've really enjoyed it, I appreciate the flexibility and it has allowed me to meet a lot of like-minded students. I also think that it has given me an environment to help promote sustainability which is something that I strongly believe in.”



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