Students in Service and Leadership at Harvard

Findings and Future Directions

Detailed Findings from Data Collection: 

1. Paralleled incentives for student employment for Dorm Crew employees and other student workers.

2. On-campus employment, as a whole, influences student's Harvard experience. 

3. The general student body understands the work of Dorm Crew, but is hesitant to support the universities employment of this service.

4. In-room interactions are more uncomfortable for the students than the Dorm Crew workers themselves.

Next Steps: Improving Visibility and Recognition On-Campus 

1. Increase the support and recognition from the Houses and Proctor teams2. Diminish negative stigma and misconceptions associated with Dorm Crew work.
"Show people what it's really like on the inside; it's not just cleaning bathrooms, but a community!"

Final Video Compilation

This video is a compilation of anecdotal evidence of personal experiences to aid in the transformation of perceptions around Dorm Crew and improve visibility. This video will be shared with the Harvard community through distribution across house email-lists and on the Dorm Crew website. 

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