Students in Service and Leadership at Harvard

Story of the Student Leaders

Although I conducted 4 full-length student interviews, I am just posting three videos that highlight the questions that were mentioned in the introduction. I felt like the question about whether FYRE is student-run and if it should be, highlight the partnerships between student leaders and administrators. The full-length interviews are available on a Google Drive that will hopefully be made public at the end of the semester. 

Before conducting my research, I assumed that students were going to say that this program is completely student-run and that administrators just offer support. As a matter of fact, I was often told that the students were only a part of FYRE because they wanted to run the program. Yet, when I conducted the interviews, all the students admitted that administrators have played a large role in the development of FYRE. However, while they admitted that a partnership was in play, the students argued that they are spearheading the program because “we know what we need best.” Although some of the students complained about the workload, none of them said that administrators should have complete control over the program, demonstrating the lack of trust that students have towards administrators. The students did advocate for developing a stronger relationship with administrators and working as partners with them.

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