Students in Service and Leadership at Harvard

Story of the Administrators

Although I conducted 5 full-length administrator interviews, I am just posting three videos that highlight the questions that were mentioned in the introduction. I felt like the question about whether FYRE is student-run and if it should be, highlights the partnerships between student leaders and administrators. The full-length interviews are available on a Google Drive that will hopefully be made public at the end of the semester. 

Before conducting my research, I assumed that administrators were going to deny that FYRE was student-run, but instead claim that FYRE is built from a partnership between administrators and students. I also assumed that the administrators were going to say that social progress on this campus occurs when the two groups work together instead of separately. I found that most of the administrators found this question interesting and toed the line between offering the students agency and keeping control over FYRE. They argued that while students can be the mobilizers of the program, students need administrative support to keep the program moving forward. They were cautious of the fact that these high leadership positions require a lot of time and dedication, so they argued that financial compensation should happen. They also made the claim that students should be students first.  

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