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Kayla Evans - Soul Session Sundays

Soul Session Sundays (SSS) is an informal space created for a microcosmic community of black Harvard students to relax, reflect, and connect each Sunday, for five weeks, from 12-2pm in Adams Upper Common Room and other spaces around campus. The purpose of SSS is three-fold. It is: (1) a space for a consistent group of 10-15 black Harvard students to relax over food, music, and good conversation, (2) a space for forming close relationships with those who black experiences one otherwise would have never crossed paths with, (3) a space for personal reflection on the person you were when you came to Harvard, who you are now, and the person you’re becoming. Students will not just be reflecting on their blackness but the various other parts of their identities. The ultimate hope for SSS is for it to increase black students’ sense of confidence and self-compassion during their time at Harvard. Because with greater confidence and self-compassion will come a great ability for individual students to form bonds within and outside of the black community – increasing their happiness, fulfillment, and social capital during and (especially) after their time at Harvard.

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