Students in Service and Leadership at Harvard

2019 Acknowledgments

SOCIOL1130 Higher Education Policy and Service was made possible with the generous support from 
Mindich Program in Engaged Scholarship (MPES) of the Phillips Brooks House Center for Public Service and Engaged Scholarship, Bok Center Learning Lab and Digital Scholarship Support Group. 


Guest speakers (in alphabetical order)
Kate Colleran, Senior Director of Student Organizations & Resources at Harvard College
Julie Liest, Coordinator of Student Organizations and Resources, Student Organization Center at Hilles
​​​​​​Alexander R. Miller, Associate Dean of Student Engagement and Interim Associate Dean for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion at Harvard College
​​​​​Sruthi Palaniappan '20, President of Undergraduate Council (2019), Harvard University
​​​​​​Karen Pearce, Director of Institutional Research, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Academic Affairs​​​​​​
Flavia C. Peréa, Director, Mindich Program in Engaged Scholarship, Harvard University
Katie O'Dair, Dean of Students, Harvard College
Marlon Kuzmick, Director of the Learning Lab, Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Rakesh Khurana, Danoff Dean of Harvard College
Suzanne Day, Senior Director of Federal Relations, Office of Federal Relations, Harvard University

Field visit hosts 
Felecia Bumpus, Assistant Dean of Student Life and Director of Student Activities, Office of the Dean, Lesley University
Victoria Davenport, Senior Administrative Assistant, Division of Student Life, MIT
Leah Flynn Gallant, Associate Dean for Student Leadership and Engagement, Division of Student Life, MIT
Liz Green, Senior Director of Employee Development and Assessment, Division of Student Life, MIT
Suzy Nelson, Vice President and Dean for Student Life, Division of Student Life, MIT
Susan Antonelli, Dean for Student Life, Office of Student Affairs, Simmons University
Myesha Neely, Executive Assistant, Office of Student Affairs, Simmons University
​​​​​​Shelby Harris, Associate Dean of Students, Office of Student Activities and Leadership, UMass Boston
Julia Hvoslef, Program Coordinator, Office of Student Leadership and Community Engagement, UMass Boston

​​Mindich Program in Engaged Scholarship staff 
Flavia C. Peréa, Director, Mindich Program in Engaged Scholarship
and members of the Mindich Program in Engaged Scholarship Seminar Series
Co-teaching and teaching support from Derek Bok Center Learning Lab Staff 
Marlon Kuzmick, Director of the Learning Lab
Tamara Brenner, Executive Director of Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning
Katie Gilligan, Learning Lab Project Manager
Mike Oliveri, Media Production Coordinator
Casey Cann, Technical Operations and Learning Lab Studio Coordinator
and staff of the Derek Bok Center Learning Lab
and Jenny Bergeron, Bok Center for Teaching and Learning
The Harvard University The Digital Scholarship Support Group  (Scalar)
Cole Crawford, Humanities Research Computing Specialist
​​​​​​Jeffrey P. Emanuel, Associate Director of Academic Technology for the FAS
Department of Sociology faculty and staff (in alphabetical order)
Deborah De Laurell, Manager of Faculty Services
Dotty Lukas, Financial Associate
Jason Beckfield, Professor of Sociology, Sociology Department Chair
Jessica Gauchel, Director of Administration
Jocelyn Viterna, Professor of Sociology, Director of Undergraduate Studies
Laura Thomas, Undergraduate Advising and Program Administrator
Odette Binder, Staff Assistant
Hilary J. Holbrow, Interim Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies Associate
Suzanne Ogungbadero, Coordinator of Academic Affairs
Presenters at the Student-Led Workshops for Student Leaders
"Financial Management and Fundraising for Student Organizations": Austin Lentsch ’20, former business manager/current stage manager for the Din & Tonics and Caroline Zheng ’19, former PBHA treasurer

"Time Management for Student Leaders": Nicole Baiocco ’19 and Keeley MacAfee ’19, co-captains of the women’s lacrosse team

"Recruiting and Retaining Members in Student Organizations": Charlotte Kim ’20, co-president of Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business and William Wang ’20, Eagle Peer Advising Fellow

"Preventing and Resolving Conflict in Student Groups": Beth Larcom ’20 and Rick Li ’21, Harvard First-Year Outdoor Program steering committee members
with Kate Colleran, Senior Director of Student Organizations & Resources at Harvard College and Julie Liest, Coordinator of Student Organizations and Resources, Student Organization Center at Hilles as resource persons/observers at the workshops.

Students in SOCIOL1130 - Spring 2019 class (in alphabetical order)
Nicole Baiocco '19, Government 
Jenny Baker '21, Sociology and Studies of Women, Gender, & Sexuality
Gayoung Choi '21, Sociology
Kimaya Cole '20, Sociology
Aidan Connaughton '19, Linguistics and Government
Kayla Evans ' 19, Psychology and Language, Mind, & Brain
Braeden Foldenauer '21, Government and Educational Studies
Jenny Golden '19, Applied Mathematics
Isabel Jasper '19, Sociology and African American Studies
Gurbani Kaur '19, Human Developmental & Regenerative Biology and Global Health & Health Policy
Charlotte Kim '20, Sociology
Caroline Ko '21, Engineering Sciences
Beth Larcom '20, History & Science and Educational Studies
Austin Lentsch '20, Economics and Sociology
Rick Li '21, Human Developmental & Regenerative Biology
Keeley MacAfee '19, Government
Mona Miao '20, Psychology
Sarah Rodriguez '19, Sociology
Milan Sani '20, Sociology and Studies of Women, Gender, & Sexuality
Ian Saum '20, Sociology
Serhiy Sokhan '21, Government
William Wang '20, Integrative Biology
Margaret Wilson '19, History & Science and Global Health & Health Policy
Beth Young '19, Economics and Psychology
Caroline Zheng '19, Government

About the instructor:

Dr Manja Klemenčič ( teaches higher education course at the Harvard College. Apart from SOCIOL1130, her other two staple courses are: SOCIOL1104 Higher Education: Institutions, Inequalities, and Controversies, a research-intensive undergraduate seminar introducing sociology of higher education, and  GENED1039 Higher Education: Students, Institutions, and Controversies (forthcoming in Fall 2019). She has been voted one of the favorite professors of the Class of 2019 (Harvard Yearbook Publications). Currently, Klemenčič is working on three publications: an undergraduate textbook Introduction to Higher Education, a monograph Student Power through Politics and Service, and an edited volume Routledge Handbook on Student-Centered Learning and Instruction. She is a member of the global research network APIKS – Academic Profession in the Knowledge Society. Manja's academic service comprises the roles of Editor-in-Chief of European Journal of Higher Education, Co-Editor of the Bloomsbury book series Understanding Student Experiences of Higher Education and Thematic Editor of the Springer Encyclopedia of International Higher Education Systems and Institutions. At Harvard, she is a Co-Chair (with Professor Julie Reuben and Professor Louis Menand) of the Mahindra Center Seminar Series entitled: Universities: Past, Present, and Future.

About the teaching fellow (plus Mindich Teaching Fellow and Digital Scholarship Support Teaching Fellow):

Nicolette Bardele ( is a doctoral student in sociology at Harvard University. She is primarily interested in inequality, social policy, and incarceration and criminal justice, and she uses both qualitative and quantitative methods in her research. Nicolette's current work focuses on inequality within community corrections and the role that formal conditions imposed during probation play in whether individuals successfully complete their sentences. Since 2016, she has also been a member of the research team for the Pennsylvania Solitary Study (PASS), a mixed-methods interview study of the experiences, health, and well-being of men incarcerated in solitary confinement. In addition to her research and teaching, Nicolette is a sociology concentration advisor for undergraduates in three of Harvard's Houses. Prior to graduate school, she earned a BA in sociology and statistics from the University of Notre Dame. 

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