Students in Service and Leadership at Harvard

Story of Self - Eliana Lee

Hi everyone! my name is Eliana, and I am a junior in Mather House studying Psychology with a secondary in Educational Studies. I've played the violin for 18 years, and I am an avid violinist and Outreach Director for the Harvard Radcliffe Orchestra, where I equally prioritize musical performance and musical service. Although I've always enjoyed the performance aspect of music-making, I also have a deep passion for music as a therapeutic mode of expression, healing, and comfort. Through personal experience and from witnessing others, I've seen how music can be an incredibly beneficial device for the improvement of mental and emotional wellbeing, and I desire to share this with others. My experience assisting and filming music therapy sessions in high school has given me a newfound perspective on the incredible extent of healing that music can offer beyond the concert hall. I believe that there is significant, meaningful value in bringing music engagement to those who are in need of solace and relief from trauma, adversity and instability. I aspire to create more opportunities for student musicians to serve others through their musical gifts, bringing hope and joy to the communities around us! 

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