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NYU Stern Finance Society - Story of Us


Finance Society (FS) is one of the primary undergraduate finance organizations at NYU Stern. It focuses on teaching members basic investment banking principles and offers a variety of resources to help students prepare for recruiting season, including workshops, networking, and interview prep. There are currently 72 members in FS. 


FS is made up of three different groups: the general members, the Executive Committee (E-comm), and the Executive Board (E-board).

General members: Membership is attendance-based. Interested students must attend at least six of the weekly meetings and at least one additional event in order to be eligible. 

E-comm: Membership is application-based. In addition to being a general member, interested students must send in their resume and interview with current E-comm members to be considered. Candidates are evaluated based on interest in finance, experience, knowledge of financial concepts, and fit with the rest of the group. Selected members have priority for E-board positions, access to exclusive networking and professional events, and undergo an intensive 14-week training program that takes a deeper dive into corporate finance and recruitment prep. Approximately 10 students are selected for every class. 

E-board: Membership is internal election-based. Members of FS may submit their candidacy for positions and are voted into office by a combination of votes from the E-comm and current E-board. Positions are semester-long (fall and spring) and include Co-Presidents, Executive Committee Co-Chairs, Treasurer, Marketing Chair, Tech & Media Chair, Secretary, Social Chair, and Alumni Chair. 

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