Students in Service and Leadership at Harvard

Blueprint of Action

Research Question: What is the impact of leadership development opportunities for students within the Phillips Brooks House Association?

  1. Expert Interviews: PBHA Staff Members (2)
  2. Student Interviews: Student Volunteers & Leadership in PBHA (8)
  3. Alumni Interviews: Previous Participants & Alumni in PBHA (2)
The total of 12 interviews produced three key findings which will inform my blueprint for action.

Reflection workshop for PBHA leadership
Aligned with its values, organizing a reflection workshop for PBHA central staff and student officers would be significant in addressing the findings of this project and the feedback from student experiences. The purpose of the reflection workshop is specifically on goal setting and accountability- to hold PBHA leadership accountable on how the organization is support its students and their development. 

The goals of the workshop are:
  1. To be able to reflect on the previous semester through facilitated questions.
  2. To be able to discuss the relevant recurring themes in student experiences.
  3. To be able to set SMART goals within relevant focus groups to address the area of improvement.
Potential specific issues to address within the recurring themes include:


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