The Imperiia Project: a spatial history of the Russian Empire

Skill Builders

Ready to build your map-reading skills from the ground up? 

Reading maps - really reading maps - is never easy. But it is always rewarding. And we believe that it should be fun.

Each of the "skill builders" in this section is a ready-made map lesson. You can dive right in or, if you are a teacher, adapt one (or more) for your own purposes. 

What you do not need is knowledge of Russian history. Our goal with these resources is to share something about how maps work as graphic devices, why they are important as historical sources, and how they can change the way we think about the world, both past and present. We try to define terms that might be unfamiliar, but we keep these definitions quite minimal. If you would like to make a deeper dive into the Russian past, we happily provide that experience in other parts of the Imperiia Project.
We are always looking for feedback and ideas. Please feel free to contact us at and follow us on Twitter @ImperiiaProject.

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