The Imperiia Project: a spatial history of the Russian Empire

Sacred Scavenger Hunt

Do you have faith in your map skills?

Full points awarded for answers accompanied by visual evidence (think screenshots!); otherwise cut your score in half.

Challenge #1: Find all the monasteries located on islands.
For each monastery you name, score 5 points.

Challenge #2: How many monasteries were flooded and lost as part of Soviet-era reservoir-building projects?
For each monastery you name, score 10 points.

Challenge #3: You are visiting Kyiv (Kiev) and decide to light a candle in each church within the grounds of every monastery in the city. How many candles will you light?
20 points for the correct answer.

Challenge #4: You have decided to go on pilgrimage. You will begin in Murom. You will travel by post road only and have permission from authorities to cover 800 kilometers total. Plan the route that visits the most holy relic sites
25 points if your route takes you to more relic sites than the routes of other players. For this challenge, use the measurement tool (button in the upper left of the map display). Double-click to finish your route; screenshot your pilgrimage route in order to defend your claim to other players.

Challenge #5: How many monasteries are within 20 kilometers of Lake Il'men? Which is the oldest, according to the information available on the map?
10 points for the correct number of monasteries; another 10 for the correct answer to the second question.

Challenge #6: Find the southernmost area (50km "bin") with relatively high monastery density (5 or more). Which provincial town is closest?
20 points. Hint: Use the aggregation layer.

Go for Gold: Explain the "Ruble Rules" that determine the pattern in the map below. The colored circles vary depending on the size of the budget allocations from the Holy Synod to each monastery. Using the available layers and the filters (upper right map menu), identify what factors determined the Holy Synod's budget logic
50 points for the correct answer. 

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Or, stay and enjoy one last little gem. Would you like to see what the budget looks like? We took the information in the map from Catherine II's 1763 decree on church property. (Yes, it is true that the allocations changed a bit over the years, but we are relatively confident that the proportions remained stable.)

Here is the itemized budget for male monasteries:


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