The Imperiia Project: a spatial history of the Russian Empire

Map Derby Scavenger Hunt

Looking to exercise your powers of observation? Hoping to fill some time pretending to be a map sleuth? Feeling the need to bolster your geographical knowledge?

Look no further. Our scavenger hunt is just the thing for you.

The Task

Hunt down sixteen items: one item from each of the maps competing in the Kamchatka Map Derby.

You can, of course, simply pat yourself on the back each time you check an item off the list. However, if you feel the need for additional glory:
  1. "Snip" and save each item you find using the image capture app of your choice. (Prefer a tech-free alternative? Print out this single-page doc and write in your location descriptions. Take a photo of your work and submit it using the same form.)
  2. Add all 16 images to a slide or other document (Google, Microsoft, etc.).
  3. Save as PDF.
  4. Submit the PDF here. If you include your address, we will send you a prize!

The List

  1. an erupting volcano (Geographica Nova)
  2. the first ostrog (fortified settlement) you would pass while traveling from Werchnei Kamczaskoi Ost(rog) - smack dab in the middle of southern Kamchatka - north toward the Arctic Sea (Maxima)
  3. the longitude that serves as the meridian for the E-Sib map
  4. boundary between Russia and Japan (The General)
  5. lighthouses (leuchtethurme) (Voyager)
  6. snowshoes (Sketch Artist)
  7. place of Vitus Bering's death in 1741 (Navigator's Delight)

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