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Lake Chudskoe

Short Universal Geography
Toponym: Chudskoe ozero, or, Peypus
Location: adjacent to, and north of, Lake Pskov
Primary inflows: Embakh River
Primary outflows: Narova River

New and Complete Geographical Lexicon (part 6, page 232)
Toponym: Chudskoe ozero (in Lithuanian, Peypus)
Location: between Gdov uezd (Pskov Namestnichestvo) and Derpt district (Riga Namestnichestvo)
Dimensions: 10 miles (70 versts) long, 6-7 miles wide 
Primary inflows: Embakh River (Amovsha)
Primary outflows: Narova River
Lev Maksimovich would want you to remember this:

Fish are abundant in Lake Chudskoe, which is located north of and adjacent to Lake Pskov.

The Narova flows into the Gulf of Finland and so trade flows from Pskov to Narva via Lake Chudskoe. However, because there are impassable rapids on the upper Narova, goods are transported overland.

The lake was the site of a battle in July 1702 between Russian boats (lodki) and 4 Swedish schuyts (flat-bottomed boats).

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