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A New and Complete Geographical Dictionary of Russia

Full title (in translation): A New and complete geographical dictionary of the Russian State, or a lexicon, composed in alphabetical order of geography, topography, hydrography, politics, chronology, genealogy, and heraldry, of the provinces (namestnichestva and oblasti) and districts; towns, fortresses, redoubts, foreposts, jails, tribute lands, stations, townships, villages, pogosts, post stations, and sloboda; cathedrals, churches, and monasteries; ore mines and other factories; rivers, lake, and seas; islands and mountains; old and new foreign settlements; both native Russian inhabitants and other peoples; and other noteworthy places in the vast Russian Empire as it exists at present, reconfigured during the reign of Catherine the Great [...]

Full title (original Russian): Новый и полный географический словарь Российскаго государства, или Лексикон, Описующий азбучным порядком, географически, топографически, идрографически, политически, хронологически, генеалогически и гералдически, Наместничества, области и уезды; города, крепости, редуты, форпосты, остроги, ясашныя зимовья, станицы, местечки, села, погосты, ямы и слободы; соборы, церкви и монастыри; рудные и другие заводы и фабрики; реки, озера и моря; острова и горы; прежния и новыя иностранныя поселения; обитателей как природных российских, так и других народов, и прочия достопамятныя места обширной Империи Российской в нынешнем ея состоянии, в царствование императрицы Екатерины Великия новоустроенном; С объяснением и тех мест, которыя в прежния войны и прошедшую Турецкую; а некоторыя прежде того и от Персии храбростию российскою или обладаемы были, или и ныне находятся еще во владении; также и тех, которыя в преславное настоящее царствование с Белоруссиею и с полуостровом Крымом к России присоединены; Из достопамятных и достоверных древних и новых источников собранный

Author: Lev Maksimovich Maksimovich
Publisher: Nikolai Novikov's University Typography, Moscow
Publication year: 1788-1789

Item Description
Volume 1 covers letters А - Ж
Volume 2 covers letters З- К
Volume 3 covers letters Л - Н
Volume 4 covers letters О - Р
Volume 5 covers letters С - Т
Volume 6 covers letters У - Ф

What You Should Know About the Source
Maksimovich's work is essentially a second edition of Fedor Afanas'evich Polunin's 1773 Geographical Lexicon.

Juicy Morsel
In the preface to the first volume, Maksimovich poses a thoughtful and very worthy question. "In our century," he writes, "across almost the whole of Europe it has become customary to teach the Sciences with alphabetically-ordered dictionaries. Is this useful or not?"

Significance for Imperiia
Nutshell: This geographical dictionary, or gazetteer, is a fundamental source for the geography of the empire in the 18th century. 
Function #1: We cross-reference all places mentioned in the Short Complete Geography by Konstantin Arsen'ev - the places that populate the gazetteer sample accessible through this website - in the NCGDR
Function #2: We hope to integrate the contents of all 6 volumes into the main Imperiia gazetteer. This process will get underway during academic year 2019-2020.

[Read the first volume of the dictionary (in Russian) via the Russian Presidential Library web portal]

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