Resources for Loss

The Tayson Hill Story, contributed by Justin Glod (2019)

The video below is about a current National Football League quarterback that suffered so much loss through his journey to the pros. Taysom Hill encountered 4 season ending injuries through his college career at BYU, where he was a Heisman hopeful his senior year. All the training and effort that Taysom put in got him in contention for the most prestigious award in college football, but his hopes were destroyed with the injuries he suffered. After Taysom’s junior year of college, his brother, Dexter, passed away in a car crash. Despite his grievance for his brother and the hole left in his heart, Taysom still plays football proudly to this day. His response to loss was what was especially intriguing, teaching me great resilience. 
What really struck me about this video is that I am also currently going through a serious injury and Taysom was a huge source of inspiration. Taysom says to just keep moving forward, and that I can’t hang my hat on one game or season. Taysom taught me that I have to keep going despite my losses, and I am now confident that I can because he did with much worse circumstances. 

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