Resources for Loss

The Class of 1959 Chapel at the Harvard Business School, contributed by Will MacArthur (2019)

I am submitting the Class of 1959 Chapel at the Harvard Business School. Here is a Harvard Gazette article on the space.

I often go to the sunken garden in this nondenominational chapel to read, reflect, or enjoy a quiet conversation with a friend when no services are occurring. I went particularly regularly last winter, and the space has always made me think about transitions and boundaries. The chapel feels like it is outside of time; it is always leafy and warm inside even as the New England seasons change. In this way, the chapel is like a memory of a lost person or place. In a way that is at once frustrating and comforting, it doesn't change with the world outside of its walls, nor does it change that world. When I leave the chapel in the winter, the trees outside are as leafless and gray as they were before, but I know that I can go back to this place for a captured glimpse of summer.

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