Resources for Loss

A special spot in snowy Canada, contributed by Gaby Khoury (2021)

This place in Snowy Canada means so much to me. It was in this very spot on December 9th 2020 that I received a phone call informing me that I had lost my best friend in Lebanon in a car accident. I remember myself jogging in the snow when the news shattered my heart leaving me in a state of shock. For two hours, I wandered trying to process what I had just heard and this photo marks the final milestone in a seven-years-long journey I had established with my best friend. This photo is a reminder of her that I have grown quite fond of over the last few months. Whenever I look at it, I always seem to associate with it Helen Keller’s famous quote, “What we once enjoyed and deeply loved we can never lose, For all that we love deeply becomes a part of us”, because this quote popped up out of nowhere as I was forcing myself to escape reality by focusing on the research for my Expository Writing paper on that very night.

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