Music 286R Listening, Creativity, and Imagination

Invitations (GP Rose)

GP Rose is an offering to the friends who have joined me in the Zoom gathering spaces (Garden Parties) I’ve been hosting since the early days of the pandemic, and also a pivot point between the academic and non-academic relationships that have nourished me in the development of my current artistic practices, inspired by the work of Prof. Yvette Jackson. The track was created using binaural earbud microphones, which my partner and myself wore in turns while the other used slips of tracing paper to draw an imaginary rose in the air around our head and body. Each petal of this rose was created with the intention of embodying the energy and relationship of a different Garden Party participant. I have shared this track with my Garden Party friends as an invitation to listen, to share an imagined space together, and possibly to add their own voices and sounds to the mix should they so desire. I offer it here as an invitation to join us in this in-between space. 



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