Music 286R Listening, Creativity, and Imagination

Listening, Creativity, and Imagination

The pages feature projects created for Music 286R Listening, Creativity, and Imagination taught during Fall 2021 by Yvette Janine Jackson.

Music 286R seminar joins theories from sound studies, music composition, sonic arts, and psychoacoustics by engaging multimodal listening practices as a means of discovery. The art of listening will be exemplified and explored through the writing and creative works of practitioners from various disciplines such as Hildegard Westerkamp, Pauline Oliveros, Rick Altman, Neil Verma, Karen Collins, and Dylan Robinson. Analysis of audio fiction, film soundtracks, interactive and audio/video game music, installation, performance, and ritual will guide us in (re)contextualizing the affective and narrative impacts of our objects of study. Students will focus on listening, interpreting, writing, and creating in order to synthesize and build on course concepts.