The Imperiia Project: a spatial history of the Russian Empire


Arcadia is not on the General Map of Russia contained in the Handbook. Nor could I find it on the sheet from Johnston's Royal Atlas.

I was a bit chagrined until a gentleman passing my compartment happened to notice me bent in frustration over my maps. He explained that he relies on the "Special Map of European Russia," which Baedeker mentioned in the list of recommendation. The "Special" map is in Russian, however, meaning that I wouldn't have been able to read it even if it had been available for purchase in the shops in London. 

I am no linguist, sure, but I am no slouch, either. I have logged hours on the train studying the Russian alphabet. I can more or less make out the letters now. And I recognized the word "Arcadia" when the gentleman pointed it out to me.

I have drawn a rectangle around it, to mark the place.

(When he left, the scent of fine tobacco lingered.)

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