Music 160R Fall 2020 Showcase

Light Like Fire

Light Like Fire is an asynchronously interactive radio opera in 13 movements that provides space for the Harvard College community to reflect on 120 hours in limbo: the 120 hours in March 2020 between learning most students would have to leave the campus and saying goodbye to the pre-pandemic undergraduate experience. Informed by the reflections of 54 collaborators, the piece thinks back to our time on the edge of apocalypse, inviting listeners who bore witness to that week to begin to process memories so difficult to believe that we often refuse to revisit them.

If you feel so moved, please contribute your own anonymous reflection about this strange time via this Google form. Don’t take more than 20 seconds to write. Responses will be incorporated into the next performance of the radio opera. Note that form moderators will only accept reflections from listeners who were undergraduate students at Harvard University in March 2020. Contact with any technical questions.

Please be aware that this piece contains profanity and descriptions of alcohol consumption.

Thank you so much to the many people who lent their insights and voices to this project. We dedicate this piece to our community, and yearn for the day when we can make music together in person again.

Acknowledgements below.


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