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The Imperiia Project: a spatial history of the Russian Empire

"Simplifying a Moment"; Memo 1

Simplifying a Moment

Memo 1

1868-1873; A Snapshot of Russian-Bukharan Relations

After a year of negotiations and a short term military conflict between Bukhara and Russia in 1868, a peace treaty was concluded. The negotiations were as follows:
a clause that demanded the abolition of slave-trade within the Emirate
Russian merchants granted the right to freely travel into neighboring countries using the Emirate of Bukhara as a passageway
Authorities of Bukhara were obliged to secure the merchants’ activity and to raise the commodity tax to two and a half percent
Russian merchants were permitted to establish trading agencies in any location they wanted

The divisions of Russian government splintered on the issue and a new treaty came about in 1873 which specified the following:
the Bukhara Emirate was to be under Russia’s protectorate with no rights to independent foreign relations

(Kirchenko, 66-67)

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