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The Imperiia Project: a spatial history of the Russian Empire

Vladivostok as Part of Imperial Russia

Vladivostok.  A city of over 600,000 inhabitants built on a small piece of land jutting out of the southern edge of Russia's eastern seaboard, Vladivostok reflects the summation of Russia's efforts to expand and influence Eastern Asia during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.  Established on land gained through an unequal treaty with China, Vladivostok became Russia's Pacific hub.  The city served as the eastern terminus of important rail lines and was a vital port for trading with China, Korea, and Japan.  

The following pages attempt to trace the history of Vladivostok as it relates to the Russian Imperial Period.  This history has been broken down into three periods, beginning with Russian actions to gain territory from China during the 1850's and culminating decades later with the Red Army gaining control of the city and its surroundings from an occupying force of Americans, Japanese, and British on October 25, 1922.

In addition to tracing major political and economic developments during this period of the city's history, these pages also hope to shed light on other aspects of the city's history such as its physical appearance and ethnic diversity.  Though not at all comprehensive, the hope of these pages is that interested individuals might be able to gain a greater appreciation for the historical significance of this locale.

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