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Where to Go Next: A Guide to Steering Committee Transitions

I am proposing a blueprint for action for SC turnovers that consists of several different items and steps. The highlights of this “Guide to a Steering Committee Turnover” are highlighted here:
  1. Interested SC Applicants attend at least one Office Hour of a current SC member to discuss the position in depth, what the various projects are, and how much time is required throughout different parts of the school year.
  2. Outgoing SC members complete comprehensive Project Reports, including: Project Description, Project Timeline, Key Contacts/Information, Strengths of Previous Project, Weaknesses of Previous Project, Links to Project Documents
  3. Outgoing SC peer reviews each Project Report to assure for completion/quality and comes to consensus on final Reports prior to Turnover Meeting
  4. Turnover Meeting occurs: keys are handed over, Project Reports are distributed, and an overview of the SC position is covered
  5. A “Point Person” system is established: outgoing SC members are paired with incoming SC members to act as a formalized system of advice throughout the year

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