Students in Service and Leadership at Harvard

The Story of Us

The team...

Most of "The Story of Us" is said better through videos and interviews with team members and trauma survivors, because their voices capture themselves better than my writing. This first video gives a sense of the whole team, made up of different ages, backgrounds, and stories. This video, of the 2017 marathon team, shows why people run and the impact they hope to make. Their stories all differ from my own, but the common goal of wanting to run for a purpose or a person rings true throughout all the team members. 

Harvard in 2017...

Over the years, Stepping Strong has become more popular among college students. Elly Duker is a Junior at Harvard and ran the marathon in honor of Gillian, who was her classmate in high school. In the interview, Gillian discusses her reason for running and what the team/experience means to her. 

Harvard in 2018...

Gabi Siegal is continuing the tradition of Harvard students running for Stepping Strong and will be running the marathon this April. Gabi is an incredibly close friend who was moved by the Reny family story. She immediately knew she wanted to help and to be a part of such a moving community of people. To date, she has raised over $40,000 for trauma patients. 

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