Students in Service and Leadership at Harvard

Tatiana Patino- Lessons from Keylatchers: A Collection of Haikus

Lesson 1
An outburst is just
How they handle their feelings
Stop. Take a deep breath…
Lesson 2
On the stressful days
It is hard to remember
to let go and smile
Lesson 3
The smile on their face
When they get a problem right
Makes it all worth it
Lesson 4
“Reading is boring”
Can change to “reading is fun”
With just the right book
Lesson 5
Sometimes all they need
Is a push to try harder
To believe they can
Lesson 6
Tag is essential
To building trust with my kids.
It helps with bonding.

Lesson 7
Staying strong is hard
When you care about the kid
Who poured her heart out
Lesson 8
My kids have faced things
I can’t even imagine
Yet they persevere
Lesson 9
I can now say that
“I never want to come back”
Just means “try harder”
Lesson 10
“I like your outfit”
Is a reminder that I
am a role model
Lesson 11
I must be careful
Of the example I set
For they will follow
Lesson 12
They love a tutor
who looks or talks like they do
And they deserve one

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