Students in Service and Leadership at Harvard

Tatiana Patino- Blueprint for Action

My Vision (to be led by the Keylatch directors)

My goal is for Keylatch to become an organization that volunteers are eager to identify with, that fosters a sense of community and belonging among its volunteers, and that creates a sense of loyalty that keeps volunteers returning semester after semester. In order to do this, it is important to recruit college students who are passionate about Keylatch’s mission. To ensure that students are committed to the cause, recruitment strategies will be aimed at students who share identities with the kids we serve or who are passionate about education. Additionally, it is important that we lessen the burden on our volunteers by shortening, as much as possible, the lengthy commute and by making it easier for them to fit Keylatch into their schedules. Moreover, to increase retention, the directors will need to create spaces for the volunteers to get to know each other outside of program time in order to build friendships and create a sense of community. This will be done through a series of Keylatch Kickbacks that will encourage teamwork through fun activities that are not related to Keylatch. Lastly, it must be clear to volunteers that their time is being used in a way that is creating real impact for the kids and for their futures. For that reason, there will be an emphasis on making the volunteers feels appreciated and on creating networking events that will allow them to make connections with past Keylatch volunteers and directors. 

Top 5 Actionable Steps (short-term)
  1. Recruitment Video
  2. Promoting Keylatch before Shopping Period
  3. Thank you notes
  4. Keylatch Kickbacks
  5. Networking Event with Alumni

Long-term Goals
  1. Increasing Keylatch name recognition
    • Some of the other PBHA programs, such as Mission Hill Afterschool Program, have been able to publicize so effectively that their organization is well-known to most Harvard students. That name recognition makes it easier for them to recruit volunteers. At the moment, Keylatch is not very recognizable. That makes it difficult to attract volunteers. The goal is for Keylatch to become a well-known organization, especially amongst the Latinx and Black student communities.
  2. Building a relationship with Wellesley
    • At this point in time, Wellesley volunteers do not receive much support from their school for participation in organizations like Keylatch. The goal is to create a partnership with Wellesley so that they will at least ease the transportation burden that appears to greatly influence volunteers’ decision to stay in the program.
  3. Building a relationship with local high schoolers
    • Keylatchers benefit so much from having role models who look like them. For this reason, it is important to find high schoolers who are already living in the same communities as the children we are serving and encouraging them to join Keylatch as tutors.
  4. Creating a strong alumni network
    • The list of Keylatch alumni is full of successful graduates who have experience in many different fields. These connections serve as essential opportunities for networking that should be provided to current Keylatch volunteers.

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