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Hi! I’m Allison Lee and I study Sociology with a secondary in Economics. I am from Westchester, New York and I am passionate about photography and videography. I became initially interested in multimedia during my gap year after high school. I had the opportunity to explore my interests and capture my travel.

When I was a freshman at Harvard, I knew I wanted to pursue my photography and videography while in college. I initially joined The Harvard Crimson, the daily student newspaper of Harvard, because it was a chance to use photos to tell stories. I learned important photojournalism skills and I was able to see my work on the front page because the paper is produced five days a week. I continued to stay involved because of the community, I felt more involved in the Harvard community because I constantly kept up to date with the latest news, and the aspect that there is always room to learn. 
After three years, I was elected the Multimedia Chair for The Harvard Crimson. Currently, I lead the team of Junior Execs and Execs to produce the daily newspaper five days a week. I conduct all meetings and check-ins, oversee the comp process, manage the Instagram and YouTube account, organize social events for the Multimedia board, and teach new photography and videography skills to the board. I also liaise between News, Design, FM, Arts, Sports, Flyby, FM Magazine, and Tech to coordinate all multimedia related content for print and online. I definitely learned a lot from this leadership role after being elected in December. I learned about the collaborative nature of The Harvard Crimson and how all boards have to work together in order to succeed. 

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