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Story of Harvard Men's Tennis


My name is Galen Lee, and I am a senior in Lowell House and captain of the Harvard Men’s tennis team. HMT is one of Harvard’s 42 varsity athletic teams, and it typically consists of 10-14 players—including 1-2 team captains, a team manager, 3 coaches, and a larger administrative staff. A quick summary on why this team/role matters to me is perhaps best summed up through my senior perspective quote:
“My time on HMT has been a roller coaster of a ride—one riddled with a myriad of ups and downs. As much as it was a personal journey of introspection, HMT has always been greater than the self. I am incredibly lucky to have been surrounded by bright, talented individuals full of humility, many of whom have served as mentors to me. There’s a unique meritocratic environment on HMT that promotes excellence and ownership from the first-years to the captains. I am thrilled to have left the program knowing that this historic season is simply an indicator of greater excellence to come because I can see my teammates—akin to brothers—understand where they want to go and how they can get there.”

This team places me in a particularly unique position in tackling the question of student-athlete sentiment on Harvard’s campus. Our team, particularly with our very active team manager/CMO, is one of the most proactive teams in terms of fan and student-body engagement. We already have our own initiatives in place in order to gain higher fan attendance and connect with other student groups, so along with my membership within the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC), I hope to provide some plans for action in bringing the student body closer together.


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