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2021 Self-care resources for student leaders

What is one of your go-to self-care practice?Links to videos, articles, websites, or other resources you use
Watching television shows with my

I created this:, if you want me to create a customized version for you :)
Yoga with Adriene, an amazing youtuber who makes epic yoga videos for all occasions 
This is Adriene’s channel, I would super recommend this. She has targeted videos like “Yoga for Stress” or “Yoga for Strength” which are lovely. 
Using the Headspace AppI find the HALT framework pretty accurate:

“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” - Audre Lorde
When I have really rough days, I like to go out for a run
Listening to music
I love meditatingFor meditation:
Going on walks while listening to music (happy or sad playlists!)This song sounds like sunshine!
My happy/good vibes playlist (it’s not elite but I like the songs on it)
Lying down on my bed and just relaxingListening to this:
Finding fun recipes to bake :)
Listening to instrumental musicThis is the most relaxing playlist I’ve ever had the fortune to stumble upon:
I take 5 minutes to follow a guided meditation to ground myselfI took a freshman seminar called The Surprising Science of Happiness, and for one of our assignments we had to follow a guided meditation from this website: 

I like to follow the 5-minute Breathing Meditation from here
Watching kdrama, anime and eating ice creamLife goes on by BTS
On The Ground by ROSE
(stay grounded and everything will be okay because life goes on regardless) 
Talking to a friend and JournalingHeadspace App
Reading books not assigned to me. Another thing I have done is made a list of random things I want to spontaneously do during the semester. When I have free time, I pick one of them to do. I have found this to be really energizing for me. Some of my friends and I made a Book wish list
Book Rec$/Reading List
Working out, going to the gym, and reading the BibleHeadspace for meditation

Really like searching up plans for the specific emotions/things I’m feeling during a particular time. 

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