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Samyra Story of Us

An entity of Harvard's Black Students Association, the First-Year Black Table is an organization on Harvard's campus that serves to create a sense of belonging and community for black identifying students on Harvard's campus, but specifically within the class of 2021. In the beginning of my project, I dove into the very broad topic of inclusivity in the black community. I quickly realized that this issue dives way deep than what I thought. We are a family, but it is obvious that we have some issues. Everyone knows that this issues exist and voice their concerns, however, everything has remained the same. No solutions have been offered? Why is it so hard to solve these problems? Are people afraid of having tough conversations? I have struggled internally throughout my project trying to decide if I was going to be the one to say the things that needed to be said, but no one wants to. I have decided: since no one else will do it- I will. 

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