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Nina Srivastava - Honor Council

I joined the Honor Council my freshman spring when I was looking for opportunities to increase my sense of belonging on campus, and I realized that I missed feeling a sense of trust in the community (I went to a very small high school where we didn’t have locks on our lockers and took unproctored tests). At the same time, the College had just introduced an Honor Code for the first time in our history and was hiring students to be on the first Honor Council.

I ended up being nominated and joined the Council my freshman spring. I stayed on campus along with two other students the summer after my freshman year and built the policies and procedures of the Honor Council, and we are now in our third year of operating. The Honor Council is a body responsible for creating a healthier culture of academic integrity on campus (both in our externally-facing role conducting outreach to faculty and students and in our internal role of handling cases of potential violations of academic integrity policies). We have 24 student members, 12 Voting Members (who hear and vote on cases of academic dishonesty) and 12 Student Academic Integrity Fellows or SAIFs (who serve as peer advisors to the students going through the process). The 12 student Voting Members are joined by 12 faculty Voting Members of equal power. I have served as a Voting Member and a SAIF, and have also served on the Steering Committee (as one of the Voting Members in charge of one of three teams).

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