Students in Service and Leadership at Harvard

What is the College X Change?


The College X Change was a product of entrepreneurial work that I was heavily involved with this past summer. As I was working at the Harvard Innovation Lab and in my dorm room, I thought about the issue of resource accessibility at Harvard and student interaction. I’ve always wanted to build a website, so I thought it would be interesting to face this issue head on and create a platform that allowed all students to sell to and purchase goods from each other. The goal is to enable this platform to become a centralized location for all college essential transactions on campus.


The mission of the College X Change is to increase accessibility to college essentials for all students on campus, in addition to enhancing student interactions and engagement.

How to Become a User

As of now, only Harvard students with an email domain can register for the platform. All you have to do is go to “” and register for the platform. Once you are registered, you are ready to begin Xchanging by using the “Post Submissions” tab on the platform.

Becoming an Ambassador

We love working with as many students as possible! If you want to become a College X Change ambassador you can email or the platform email at

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