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Jessica Edwards - Story of Us

Harvard College Faith and Action (HCFA) is a gospel-centered community that welcomes students from all backgrounds, with a mission to cultivate Christian leadership and community across campus.

HCFA started in 2008 as a small group of eight freshmen studying the Bible together, and after gaining recognition from Harvard College as an official student organization a year later, we have continuously grown to currently having about 100+ regular members attending Bible Courses and other weekly activities.


Harvard College Faith and Action is an interdenominational, student-led Christian organization resourced by Christian Union, a ministry that partners with 10 American institutions, including all of the Ivy League schools and Stanford. Our leadership consists of a four person student Executive (Exec) Board made up of two Co-Presidents and two Vice-Presidents, full-time ministry staff that leads weekly Bible Courses divided by gender and year and offers discipleship to members, student Ministry Team Leaders (MTLs) that lead the following Ministry Teams (1-3 leaders per team): Doxa (our weekly large group gathering), Worship, Events, Communications, Outreach, First Year Outreach, Discipleship, Seeking God, and Social Action, and student Assistant Bible Course Leaders (ABCLs) who help the ministry staff run weekly Bible course gatherings (about 20 ABCLs total).


Each team is responsible for their own programming; see this graphic for more information about each team, but you can also visit our website to learn more about our Ministry Teams and Bible Courses.


The vision for HCFA as stated by the 2020-2021 Executive Board is for the fellowship to "be a group of people that cultivates our community" and "grow in richness and depth as a community of Christ followers on campus." We defined a well cultivated community to be one that is the following:

  1. Firmly grafted on to the vine of Christ, drawing its power, vision, and love from Him
  2. Defined by closeness, care, and open arms to all
  3. Constantly looking to love and serve each other
  4. Made up of individuals from various backgrounds and giftings to create a cohesive body in Christ
  5. Exciting to be a part of
  6. Always growing

We also seek to internally cultivate the following within our community:

  1. Knowledge of Christ on campus through Spirit-driven outreach and Christ-like service
  2. Justice through social action
  3. Understanding of God’s Word through individual and communal study of Scripture
  4. Worship of God through living lives of joy
  5. The fruits of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, kindness, thankfulness, gentleness and self-control).

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