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Jenny Baker - Story of Self

Now that you've heard about my interest in criminal justice reform, here is a little info about the other things I am passionate about. 

I am a Sociology concentrator with a secondary in Women, Gender, and Sexuality, and I am enrolled in the Dual Degree Program with Berklee College of Music, where I study voice, songwriting, and music business. Through this program I study full time at Harvard and part time at Berklee for four years, and spend my fifth year getting my masters at Berklee.

On campus I am the Leverett Zero Waste Team Leader, where I educate the house community on best practices for sustainability. Additionally, I am a member in the musical group 21 Colorful Crimson (21CC). 21CC is made up of 21 members of the class of 2021, and our goal is to create fun and eclectic pop and hip hop music while promoting the importance of diversity and inclusion in the industry. Since forming last year we have been able to open for Lil Yachty, Wale, and the Mowglis, and also perform regularly on and off campus. We have one single out called "How You Gonna Hate," and more music on the way!

Listen to our first single "How You Gonna Hate"!


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