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Iris Su - Story of Self

My name is Iris Su, and I'm a sophomore affiliated with Currier House studying Economics with a secondary in Computer Science. I'm also the Managing Director of The Academies by Harvard Student Agencies, a non-profit education business specializing in bringing high schoolers pre-professional experiences and exposure. 

Before reaching the front doors of Pennypacker Hall, the place would call my home for the next 0.75 years, I was lost. As a freshman, I joined too many clubs and organizations, barely making time for my academics. I came in thinking that I would be a computer science concentrator, but I sadly found out that coding wasn't for me. Feeling like a whirlwind, I was saved by my friend was just wanted me to work with her (shown below). She causally told me that she was referring me to something so that we would be able to work together. Confused, I let her. Little did I know that it would lead me to Harvard Student Agencies (HSA), the building and the organization that I looked at longingly at Visitas, thinking that I would never get a chance too join these students who run so many businesses.

HSA has changed my whole world completely, changing my concentration and where I find the most joy. It's helped me grow professionally by providing me with opportunities to learn all the technical skills that I need to, but it's also grown me personally, as a manager, person, and most of all a friend. 


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