Students in Service and Leadership at Harvard

Ben Sorkin's Harvard Timeline

A visualization of how I got to where I am today in my journey at Harvard

My name is Ben Sorkin, I'm a sophomore living in Leverett House studying Sociology with a secondary in Social Anthropology. I am the co-chair of the Leverett House Committee, Social Chair and a teacher with IOP CIVICS, and am a member of the Harvard Alumni Association Board of Directors. In this timeline, I have visualized how I've progressed from a more policy and activism focused student leader, to one who works on building community within my activities and at Harvard more broadly. Specifically, my appointment to the Harvard Alumni Association Board marked this transition, with my sophomore year devoted to these kinds of pursuits after a summer in which I was truly steeped in community.

Much of what I first got involved with when I got to Harvard mirrored my high school resume. Student government and politics were some of my core activities in high school, and joining the UC and CIVICS was a way to pursue that. While not listed here, I was also in an a capella group in the early part of my freshmen year, which was my outlet for continuing my interest in the arts, having participated in musical theatre and my school's glee club for the past four years. 

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